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Einstein, Satoshi, Tesla, Salvador Dali and Galileo !

Brainland for Players

Are you ready to cross all your visible and invisible boundaries in the Brainland?

Defeat your opponents on the track and reach Atlas! Connect the clues and give the correct answers to the questions.

Congratulations; You Won The Prize!

While winning competitions and earning passive income; at the same time you can increase the levels of your NFT character.

Earn passive income and wealth of property together!

Brainland for Brands and Companies

Do you want to do your own project activity? In the world of Metaverse, you can start to create a loyal audience for your brand/product with innovative strategies.

Let your community compete in Brainland and set your event reward, specific to your community.

Every brand; while doing their own product activity; can offer a reward mechanism consisting of its own products. It is you who are in charge here!

If you want to be on top with your company in the next creative revolution; Brainland is waiting for you!

Brainland For NFT Owners

If you want to win large amounts of prizes in the game; you definitely need to be more competitive.

And to be more competitive you just need to have a BraiNFT to be faster!

Brainland's Council of Geniuses

In the game, 5 Vendor characters stand out with the title of playmakers. Art questions by Salvador Dali, reflections of physics in the modern world by Nikola Tesla, solutions of modern slavery of our world by Satoshi...

Galileo and Einstein also guide you to create a new world with your own genius at the Brainland's Council of Geniuses.

Brainland Public Competitions

5 vendor characters in Brainland have prepared great question and answer competitions for you. Win prizes in weekly competitions, whether as a player or a playmaker. Create your own event here in Brainland. You make the rules.

By creating a challenge where you set the rules you can organize your own competition.

By doing so you can win much more prizes than an ordinary player.

Turn your own genius into huge profits here!

Aren't you tired of this life that is really imposed on you and has it’s limits?

You exist! And you deserve to live this life the way you want.

Reveal your potential, now at Brainland!

Build your dream world with your courage and mind.


Enter the game with your BraiNFT character; Unleash your own genius in the Metaverse.

How can I start the Brainland Game?

Competitions in Brainland have a fair and equal start for everyone.

3 different items are hidden on the tracks for the players. The characters who find these 3 items can participate in the competition and they then fight for the prizes. If your NFT Character has a goggle, it will gain an advantage to reach the clues more easily. Similarly, NFT Rarity perks will assist contestants in different ways to collect these hidden items. Competitors who complete this step reach to Atlas and can read the Questions. Those who give the correct answers quickly share the prizes with each other.

For example, if any playmaker designed an event for 100 players, the first 100 players to reach the clues will participate in that event. Then the challenge and competition will begin.

Brainland World is waiting for you with its questions waiting to be answered. Come and reveal your genius at Brainland!

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