BraiNFT Collection

"Search the Unknown, Find Yourself..."

The geniuses who have shaped the world into its current form for millions of years! From Galileo Galilei to Albert Einstein the heroic minds of science and ideals, ranging from Nikola Tesla to Satoshi Nakamoto. They went after what they believed in. Most of the time they were branded crazy. Perhaps they took serious risks during their journey. And perhaps sometimes they got lost in the science and art, which they were so sure of. But at the end of the day, they contributed to the evolution of the primitive world into what it is today. And they guided humanity itself to take the next step. Now; you get the chance to create your own story with these brains we all have been inspired by. Did you know that you can unleash your own genius by playing games with BraiNFT? Enter the game with your own NFT character, unleash your potential and move from being a player to being the brain that founded the game. The most unique brains who guided us in the past are in the NFT world now, in the BraiNFT collection: They are here to offer a second chance to everyone who wants to realize their own dream… The product of heritage and opportunity is called BraiNFT and it’s going up for minting at 01 June 2022! Time will tell us, who is crazy and who is smart!


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