What is BraiNFT? It is a post-modern work of art that we have created by the geniuses of the past and with our own artist identity that have been transforming the world into its present form for millions of years.

What blockchain is our NFT will be on? Will be on the Avalanche Blockchain.

How many pieces do we produce? We produce only 3,333 units.

What is the mint price? Mint price is 2 avax.

When will you launch? TBA.

Which marketplaces will you be listed in? We agreed on the markets in the Avalanche network. -TBA.

When will you publish the Rarity chart?

Rarity will consist of 4 categories. We will share on discord after the mint process is completed.

What is your field of use? After all our NFTs are sold we will promote staking until the game is released and in Phase 3 accordance with our BraiNFT concept, we will create and develop a 3D question and answer (q&a) game that is very difficult to answer.

Are you going to make a game based in the Play2Earn concept? Yes. In the game that we are going to create, players who fulfill the conditions required will receive a share from the prize pool system.

What kind of game will it going to be? We are developing a question and answer(q&a) game that consists entirely of difficult and open-ended questions that you can play with your own BrainART NFTs. Since the number of players who can answer the questions we will ask is very small, we aim to keep the rewards as high as possible.

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